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about me

i like canons. lomos. and holgas.


"each month there's a new photo. missed one? check back in the archives for photo's from previous months."


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so i dropped off the map. a daily photo blog just isn't my thing. neither is a weekly photo blog. so i'm trying a monthly photo blog. a few of my favorite photos at the end of each month...hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed taking them.


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so, i was supposed to be updating this daily...blah, blah, blah.

i'm starting over. with a new plan of attack.

in all reality, updating this 'daily' is a little insane, because well, i have a life. (a.k.a. work)

so i will be updating this space every couple days with photos - let's be serious, probably each weekend. (preferably sunday.)

i know, i lag.

but if you're really dying to have some piece of me on an almost daily basis, check out my blog - altruism in the morning. plus, there's lots of links there to other fun places - hours of entertainment, really!


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thanks for visiting my toy camera.

my toy camera is a little window into my daily life. following in the footsteps of une memoire photographique i've decided to take up the challenge of capturing a moment of my life every day. i don't promise for the photos to be exciting. or to be expertly executed. but they will show you my world, captured mostly in san francisco: on the buses, the metro, on foot. at work, at home and on the town.